American Crew Precision Blend Developer

American Crew Precision Blend Developer
Артикул: 074001
Наличие: Если нет на складе, срок доставки 2 недели
Объем: 450.00 мл
Цена: 1722.94 р.
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Окислитель для краски Precision Blend:
Окислитель 4.5% для смешивания с закрашивающей седину краской Precision Blend.

Способ применения:
Your client’s hair has been washed and cut, and you’re ready to start the gray blending service. Choose a shade of American Crew Precision Blend that matches your client’s natural hair color. You should perform a quick allergy test according to the warnings on the color product. Then, mix the developer in a 1:1 ratio with the chosen Precision Blend Shade in a color bowl. In general, about 20 mL/0.68oz of color will be needed to complete the service on a client with hair that is1inch long. Choose from the four American Crew techniques, based on the texture and length of your client’s hair. Each of the techniques can be used with light, medium or heavy product application to provide 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% gray blending. For a natural look, allow gray to peek out at key areas such as sideburns and temples. Perform each technique efficiently, trying to keep the application time under four minutes.

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